8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo
8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo

8-In-1 Interior & Architectural E.book Combo

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“Easily The Most Apt and Clear Compilation of the Best Architecture Interior Projects across India!”

What will you get?!

  • Loaded Information about all 280+ projects.
  • 2000+ Pages of well-formatted E-book. (250+ Pages Each)
  • Each project contains more than 8-15 photographs.
  • Basic plan & Details for clear understanding of the space.
  • Products & Material Specification where necessary.
  • Fact Files &  Elaborated Story of the Project.
  • PDF version direct download.
  • Design story.
  • Instant Download.
  • Read anywhere & In any Devices.

E.books in 8 In 1 as below :

  • 30 Best Penthouses In India
  • 30 Best Apartment Interiors In India - Vol.2
  • 30 Best Small Offices 
  • 30 Best Offices In India - vol.2
  • 30 Best Retail Interiors
  • 30 Best Restaurant, Cafe & Bar's Interiors 
  • 50 Best Apartment Interiors - Vol.1
  • 50 Beautiful Houses In India - Vol.1

If you are still wondering Why you should buy it, let me help you!

  • Develop a STRONG AND VALUED  identity in the Architectural Interior Design CommunityGet more design compliments from your clients, friends or everybody who knows how much hard work goes into making dreams come true. 
  • Take your ideas to the next level, take them out of the box! Go through the entire E.Book compilation, add more value to the society by developing your ideas
  • Gain confidence in generating newer and bigger leads for your firm!
  • Develop the courage for delivering high-end Architectural and Interior Design Work.
  • Earn more rather than searching more.

Stop wasting time on the internet looking for inspirational ideas, we got it all covered…

  • Instead, spend more time on executing 
  • Increase the possibility to get bigger projects and great clients
  • Start adding your creative ideas inspired by this book 
  • See how big firms are stepping into better shoes 
  • Discover the ways to unlock your designs to look more elegant and expressive.

Making design is important but making design which gets counted among best isn’t something more important? 

Let us hear what the famous friends of ours, the architects and designers featured in our book, want to say.


Founded in 2016, The Architect’s Diary (your trusted publication house) is a group of Architects aiming to make a shift in the Architectural Industry by encouraging consumption of IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT data, digitally. 

All of us go through the need of finding inspirations for good and relevant design ideas. You might have plenty, but you might not know how to channelise those powerful ideas. We too went through the same process and the birth of E.Book happened. 

Our E.books are a crisp compilation of designs you would not want to miss out on. And there are not 5 or 10, you will land in the pool of 30-50 projects in one go. Be it Office Design, Penthouse, Apartment Interiors or simply Design Guidebooks, you have everything here. 

Don't go anywhere in the search of this, here is everything you will ever need for niche architectural designs. 

We have sold over 50,000+ E.books and are being bought the very minute you are reading this. 

You might be wondering why you need this book so much? You need it, trust us

This is where you will get not only Design Inspirations but also will be able to develop Design Sense which in turn will help you grow and groom your firm professionally. If you are a person wanting to build your dream project, this is for you too. Or you can simply buy this book as a gift for someone you know is inclined towards architecture and interior design. 

This book is for all of us. We have already sorted your concern. It is just ONE CLICK away.

“Get inspired, why wait when the access to inspiration is ONE CLICK AWAY! This Book has got you covered, Put yourself on the MAP!”


You can be anyone from an employee to a firm or any creative soul who wants to design good ideas and transform them into reality. You will be on your way to be among the best designers. This eBook is for all of you, from students, the beginners, professionals & firms.

Psst, let us tell you a great secret! Not only are you buying the access to design your dream, but along with that you are saving Trees by buying the ebook.



DUE TO RECENT Launch there are extremely high purchases happening so once you download the book, wait for a couple of seconds for it to get downloaded on your device. YOU WILL GET YOUR PDF for sure. 

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