best restaurant interiors

Restaurant & cafeteria are considered to be a place of leisure while enjoying the food the ambiance plays a vital role and adds up to the pleasure of dining, In Interior Designing segment many designers would choose a theme-based design and many would try to make an impact with the furniture and color palette selection, space/walkway and functions are the major aspects Still…. the quality & Taste of the food matters the most….
Below is the list of the top 20 most well-designed restaurant interiors from around India

The Playground: Restaurants Within A Restaurant | Loop Design Studio

The intent behind creating the Playground was to break the conventionality of the brutalist architecture of Chandigarh. The inside/outside concept was quashed and the restaurant has been treated as a single envelope that flows from one end to another.

Photo Credits : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj


Resto Bar Underlining The Inside-Outside Concept | ID+AS Architects

The project brief was to design a Resto bar with a spacious outlook and to accommodate a capacity of more than 200 people with sufficient space for car parking for the convenience of the visitors. The challenge was to design a structure that could be dismantled and completely reused. The idea of using MS fabrication in the entire structure solved the given constraint. Later, the design started framing around that.

Photo credits : lazerlenz



Unconventional Cafe Interior Adding Rustic Flavor To Space | Praveen Architects

Previously a space occupied by a corporate bank was leased out for this fantastic café, the space was a typical commercial setup, but this time with a strong room made in 1’ thick concrete which was later converted to the kitchen for the café.
Photo Credits : Monika sathe photography



Barometer – Rustic Yet Classy Restaurant Interior | Amoeba Design

This is the first restaurant of the client which they decided to be a  all day dining and bar. Through this restaurant ‘Barometer’ which also means benchmark, the client wanted to create a new identity in the heart of the city which is classy yet very comforting.
Photo Credits : Pulkhit Sehgal


Zuci- A Delightful European Style Restaurant Interior | F+S Designs

Chocoholics and design enthusiasts can now get their fix at the same place. Zuci- Chocolates and Boulangerie is a delightful new restaurant at the upscale, Road 45 Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad. We believe that every project is an invitation to embark on an unexpected and fascinating journey. A chance to tell an adventurous story full of soul; incorporating a mix of materials and influences. A story that portrays what the place has to offer and one that touches every customer.
Photo Credits : Ricken Desai



Daler – Restaurant Interior Bringing Festivity vibes | Design Ethics Architecture Studio

Our young clients, with whom we have associated previously for other assignments, approached us with a lot of excitement to design a new restaurant that could take forward the legacy of their more than 50 years old name in the FnB industry.
Photo Credits : Satish Kumar



A zest of Sanskruti’ in a ‘Kriti’| Studio 603

This restaurant is named ‘Sanskruti’, an echo of the socio-cultural dialog of the neighborhood, situated on verge of Kadi –Nandasan Village.
The client brief to emphasize traditional design which reflects a way of life and entice people from nearer places as well as a traveler with a familiar impression. The design ensued was imagined traditional interpretation of contextual influence and fusion with the contemporary character of the exterior building linguistic. The building exterior with exposed red brickwork, bold grooving pattern, bands of concrete, glass façade speaks of simplicity and modern look along with strong roots of earthen touch.
Photo Credits : Inclined studio



East Asia- An Innovative Restaurant Interior in Borivali | aplus design

“EAST ASIA” the name itself defines the “rising” — the sun, from the direction was eventually referred to as “Orientals.”
Taking the Oriental as a design challenge through a new, innovative concept and unique space. The project idea was comprehensible by the client of bringing the core of East Asian societies with different cultures, styles, religions and shaping it into designs that can produce friendly space, proportion and generate emotions among visitors.
Photo Credits Prashant bhatt



Cafe Design With Whimsical Pop Of Orange | Studio Mestry

Wok This Way is a quick service cafe serving traditional Asian cuisines. The client brief given to us was simple, they wanted to create a space that would have an oriental look and feel and will stand out in a neighborhood which is overly crowded with restaurants and cafes.
Photo credits Anish Padalkar



Kake di Hatti-Dhaba Style Restaurant Interior | Amogh Archidesign

Kake di Hatti is an authentic Punjabi fine-dine restaurant. Being first outlet as fine –dine and holding legacy of decades, for us it was like painting blank canvas with its rich history. Word “Punjabi” instantly reminds us of dhaba style or a flamboyance visuals. But we decided to defy stereotype image of Punjabi fine- dine. Instead we chose to have an approach which is more intangible and make space speak for itself.
Photo credits : Inclined Studio


The Flashblack Lounge -Warm Colour Palette and Engaging Graffiti Urban Zen

Designed with the nostalgia and exuberance of glistening past memories, Flashblack explicitly instills fond snippets of years gone by, emphasizing that ‘there is something for everyone.’ Spread over an area of 15,000 sq. ft , this multi-level lounge and bar, is a harmonized mix-bag of facets that render the interiors with an etching of indelible ink. While every individual has sought the silver lining in enveloping clouds, the design approach clearly presents colorful streaks in a grey toned theme, metaphorizing the name of the project through artistic intricacies.
Photo Credits – Ricken Desai



Restaurant Resembling A Conservatory | Minnie Bhatt Design

When I first visited the site with Prashant and Anuj the space was still not opened up and had a lot of fixed decor elements from the previous tenants. Once the space opened up the expansive facade facing the central courtyard of the mall flooded the premises with natural light. This inspired the idea behind the concept of creating a restaurant space that resembled a conservatory. Building on that concept we chose natural finishing materials that lent themselves to this central thought.
Photo credits : Pulkit Sehgal



The SWIRL – Interior Design of a Dessert Studio in Trichy Architecture Interspace

Rock Cream, dubbed as ‘theSWIRL’ is the interior design of a dessert studio in Trichy. The young client requested an innovative and contemporary design that is cost-effective. The site is in one of the upcoming busy areas of the urban sprawl. Since the site is positioned in the first floor of the building, our intent was to grab the attention of the busy pedestrian and vehicular traffic attention through our design features. We wanted to make use of the 40’ seamless glass façade on the exterior as a visual canvas for our design element to the onlookers.
Photo credits : Mr. Felix Emmanuel



Umami Restaurant Design, Ahmedabad | PDC Architects

Located at Ahmedabad, Umami Restaurant was designed to give the user a mixed feel of a retro Industrial look. The clients approached the Architects with an objective to design this restaurant as an all-day diner.
Photo credits : Umang Shah



Garden Restaurant | M9 Design Studio

This project was conceived using affordable materials and parts of an existing building to keep project costs down. We wanted to create a cozy environment for this family-owned business. To achieve this, we chose to use simple, muted materials such as wood and concrete, and added plenty of vegetation
Photo credits : Shamanth Patil Photography


THINK OF IT! – Garden Restaurant | Studio Lagom

THINK OF IT!  may not be as space-starved as Indian metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi, but the restaurant typology sees a predominance of eateries operating within enclosed, air-conditioned environments. That’s not to say that restaurants with a considerable al fresco section do not exist, but these are limited to largely utilitarian establishments that pay scant heed to ‘place-making’.
Photo credits : Photographix | Sebastian + Ira